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2016-2017 Staff

Maygen Lucero

Sports Staff

Maygen Lucero is a Senior at Centennial High School. She loves playing and watching sports. Her favorite sport is basketball. Her best subject in school is science. She loves hanging out with her family and boyfriend. She is a ...

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Davis Rice

Video Production

Davis, a thriving student at Centennial, is an adventurous soul. You can usually find him somewhere high up on a jagged mountain, or flying down the mountain on skis. His climbing skills are almost as good as his reporting skills...

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Josh Roberts

Video Production

Josh is a quiet person if you do not know him that well, But if you do know him he is a friendly person and sometimes funny. Josh also has a huge interest in super heroes and comics. Josh’s hobbies are mainly reading, debate and ...

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Isabella Serena

Sports Staff

Isabella is a fun, loving, crazy, adventures girl that enjoys eating sour gummy worms and drinking root beer. In her downtime you can find her playing soccer, making homemade pizza, or binge watching the newest show on Netflix....

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Cara Siegel

Sports Staff

Cara Siegel is a top athlete at Centennial High School. She has the nicest legs in Southern Colorado, and there is a good chance you will never know her natural eye color. She’s best known for being a field fairy and breakin...

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RJ Vaughn

Sports Staff

Reginald James Vaughan Jr. AKA RJ is a Basketball fanatic whose mind is always on the court. Ranked in the state of Colorado for basketball he always strive to be the best on and off the court. RJ has been described as the G....

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Christina Robben

Sports Staff

Christina Robben is that unusually tall girl with large curly hair. She is very outgoing and enjoys playing volleyball and yelling at the student section. She thinks she knows the lyrics to every song and when you see her she w...

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Marissa Macaluso

News Staff

Marissa Macaluso, also infamously known as lil’ mac or @babaymac, is a very a disorganized perfectionist, a wannabe Brandy Melville model, and chapstick enthusiast. She is a big fan of pop punk music, indicated by her bony kn...

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Adam Bosley

Video Production

Adam Bosley not the hero that we deserve but he is the hero we need! Adam is very chill and is not one to fight with others he just goes with the flow of things so much so that he is indecisive about many things. In addition ...

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Hope Baca


Hope is a 16 year old girl who was born in Colorado Springs. Her favorite sport is basketball. She loves to sing and enjoys participating in choir at centennial. Her favorite kind of food is Mexican food. She is a very friendly pe...

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Collin Jaeger

Student Life & Culture

Hi my name is Collin Jaeger. I paintball on the weekends and go to school on the weekdays. School is not my favorite place in the world. If i would have to choose my favorite subject in school it would be journalism because it ...

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Gabriella Engle

Student Life & Culture

Gabriella Engle is a lover of Pinterest, all things chocolate, and salt and vinegar chips.  Most of Gabby’s pins are things that she can cook in a microwave which inspired her cooking show. CHECK IT OUT. When she is not eating,...

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Mia Gilbertson

News Staff

If you’ve seen her in class, you’d conclude that she is quiet and that’s about it. If you’ve seen her in the halls, you’d think her earbuds were permanently seared to her ears (that or double knotted around her brain...

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Gillian Hawken

News Staff

Gillian, actually pronounced Jillian, is a music enthusiast and a film lover. Give her a cup of coffee and she is the happiest girl in the world. If she isn't replying to your text, it’s probably because she’s too busy watchi...

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Aaron Schmidt

Sports Staff

I am normally a quiet and shy person if I don’t know you very well. If I know you and you’re a close friend I’m not shy at all. My friends are who I talk to mostly other than my family. I am 16 years old, my birthday is...

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