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Battle of the Classes

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Battle of the Classes

Jessie Moreschini, Student Life & Culture Editor

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In the United States, PowderPuff football games are flag football or touch football games between girls from junior and senior classes or cross-town school rivals. Centennial has been hosting a PowderPuff game for years now, however this October 21st the game that has been described as “good fun”, “low-key” or “friendly” has taken a turn. This year will be different than the years prior or ahead. This year won’t be a get out of class free card, there won’t be the “are we going to PowderPuff?” question floating around the halls on Wednesday. Nor will anyone ‘forget’ to purchase a ticket. Powderpuff 2k15 will be one for the books.

We asked 3 juniors, 3 seniors, and 3 coaches the same 3 questions. “Why did you decide to play powder puff?” “What does winning mean to you?” and “How do you feel about the opposing class?” These were their answers.

AJ Sena/Senior Coach/@ajsena9

“I’m coaching because I love football and it’s gonna be fun when we win!”


“Yeah it’s pretty important because we’re gonna kick the juniors butt.”


“Honestly? The juniors are soft. From the players to the coaches.”


Tito Mendiaz/ Senior Coach/@miniatureyeti

“I’m good at 2 things peeing & football and I want to teach them one of those things and it’s not peeing.”


“What does winning mean? Proving the juniors have 0 talent.”


“HA! Their coaches are 2nd string no talent having benchwarmers and their players don’t stand a chance.”


Jessie Moreschini/Senior/@wgwabbbb

“I didn’t play my junior year because I missed sign up so when it came around this year I was sure to sign up in time so I could light some juniors up!”


“Winning is literally everything I want to shut the juniors up once and for all and if I have to do that myself by knocking them all down I happily will.”


“HA! THE JUNIORS? A JOKE. Coaches and players.”


Sarah Danalchuck/Senior/@sarahhhhh_16

“I decided to play so I could have an excuse to attack people and not get in trouble for it.”


“Winning is the only thing. It means everything.”


“The juniors won’t know what’s coming for them. They’re so sweet and dainty. They’re in for a rude awakening.”


Justine Martinez/Senior/@justinejohnamay18

“It was an activity that I participated in last year and the coaches really encouraged me so I decided to play again!”


“It’s the most important factor because I refuse to be the class that loses to the juniors.”


“I think they’ll be tough and definitely show up to play but we can take it.”


Lane Bourdon/ Junior Coach/@lane_bourdon42

“I’m coaching because I just wanted to get back into football because I’m currently out with an injury.”


“It’s extremely important  because we have far better athletes so if we lose we’ll know it’s rigged.”


“The seniors? They’re not good at all. Terrible coaches. Terrible Players.”


Cara Seagull/Junior/@itscara_whatsgucci
“I wanna catch a pass right over Katie Davis’s head and show Aj Sena how running back is really played!”


“It’s very important that we win because I’m tired of the seniors winning everything every year.”


“I feel like they’re a bunch of chumps and they’re gonna get their butts whooped.”


Christina Robben /Junior/@christinarobben

“I did PowederPuff because I wanna maul someone.”


“Winning?! It’s extremely important.”


“I wish them luck because they’re gonna need it, for sure.”


Karlee Salas/Junior/@karleesalas

“Because when it comes to girls, I’m the best quarterback there is.”


“Winning? It’s the most important factor”


“The opposing class? They Are WEAK! I mean c’mon let’s face it, they’re seniors they need to get out of here the juniors are fresh have been practicing hard and ready to win!” 


Be sure to buy your tickets for this Wednesday’s battle between the junior and senior girls, as they face off for this year’s homecoming tradition.

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Battle of the Classes