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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Mr. Chance Rodriguez

September 15, 2016

It’s August 29th, the first day of school,  everyone is nervous to see how it goes while their minds are racing with anticipation when suddenly their thoughts are interrupted by the screeching warning bell. Chance Rodriguez a new teacher at Centennial suddenly feels his heart drop in the pit of his stomach, his first actual class is about to begin. It being his first year teaching, he didn’t know what to expect but what he did know was that he was doing this for a reason.

From a young age Mr. Rodriquez knew that his calling was to be working with kids especially when they were in a place that required molding.

He said  “When I was younger and my two younger brothers would have their friends over and I would catch myself trying to push them to do better and just try and prepare them for real life.”

I asked Mr. Rodriguez if he always wanted to teach or if it was something new to him.

He replied with, “Teaching has always been in the back of my mind, I think the most important thing to me was being able to work with kids and being able to help them grow.”

Another attribute Mr. Rodriguez has that’s different from any other teacher is the fact that he is now a coach for our football team. One even more special quality that really benefits him with coaching is the fact that he was an offensive guard for CSU-P, which is also the section he’s coaching with; our offensive line. With the Bell Game coming up I was curious to see what his thoughts were since he grew up in Denver, and has never experienced a Bell Game before.


He said with excitement, “Yes, I am very excited for the Bell Game, I think I am mostly excited for the atmosphere of it all and the culture of the Bell Game.” He also said with a chuckle, “I have played in front of a lot people but it’s going to be nothing compared to this and the fact I’m coaching will just all be a new but exciting experience for me.”

I asked Mr. Nunez his thoughts on Mr. Rodriguez and he respond with great enthusiasm, “His teaching ethics really do relate with his playing ethic back when he was playing with CSU-P; hard working, dedicated,  and strong willed.”

That’s when I decided to ask him why he wanted to teach and when he responded he really seemed to put emphasis in the fact that he just wants to be able to help these kids grow and mold them into adults, which is such an amazing ethic. The last thing I asked Mr. Rodriguez was “If you could be remembered by any quote or motto that also shows who you are as a person what would it be?”

He responded in a calm tone, “Live in the moment.”

This small quote left an impact on me just because it does show what type of person he is and how you have to focus on the now and live and actually enjoy the moment.  Just being able to see how genuine of a person he is and how he only wants the best for everyone was exciting for me, I know that without a doubt Mr. Rodriguez will changes lives both in the classroom and on the field.

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