Bell Game Student Section

Where has the Spirit Gone?

September 29, 2016

Helmets on, it’s time for kickoff and the student section fills all of three rows of bleachers, if that. Decked commons, the DJ is playing Avicci and half the students are catching up on Netflix. The fact is, school spirit is dwindling at Centennial High School.

The lack of hype is not a recent phenomena. Last year, Ms. Dubbs recalled her first year at Centennial. It was the Monday of Bell Weak, and it was Generations Day. Seniors spent the past weekend searching for canes and grey hairspray, while freshman strapped on some diapers. “Not a single senior failed to dress out,” she said. But over the years, it seemed as though fewer and fewer kids participated.

I have heard some students blame it on increasing restrictions on spirit day themes as the administration tries to avoid any “inappropriate behavior.” Others believe it’s a lack of Senior leadership, that or lame freshman. Or maybe high schoolers just think they’re too cool for dress up.

And our football games, aside from Bell Game, have extremely low attendance. One Thursday I worked concessions and a former Centennial student, now aged with children and grandchildren, asked me why students don’t come to games anymore. I had no answer. He speculated for a while, theorizing that tickets were too expensive for students. Through investigation, I have come to believe that the price is not the problem. Students enjoy Bell Game because everyone goes, and everyone goes because it is tradition.

Students don’t attend regular games because there is no collective decision guaranteeing a hype student section. It seems there is less of an interest for football or the team itself, but rather the environment it can create. And we fail to meet this standard because there is no one and no tradition bringing students together.


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