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Trump’s Immigration Ban

February 9, 2017

On January 27, 2017, Donald Trump signed an executive order violating the Constitution by discrimination concerning the Equal Protection Laws of the 14th Amendment and concern for religious freedoms in the 1st Amendment.

The purpose of this document is to protect the nation from foreign terrorists entering our country. It follows forth with precautionary actions creating a ban for 90 days on 7 Middle Eastern countries.The description includes the 9/11 attacks and actions already taken to better detect future terrorists before issuing visas. This assures a strike of such extreme force never to recur. However, the several countries Trump banned, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, and Somalia, as NPR international Editor Greg Myre proclaims, “…does not include any countries from which radicalized Muslims have actually killed Americans in the U.S. since Sept. 11, 2001.”

Progression through the document continues to scrutinize those from Muslim-majority countries stating, “Upon the resumption of USRAP admissions… to prioritize refugee claims made by individuals on the basis of religious-based persecution, provided that the religion of the individual is a minority religion in the individual’s country of nationality.” To interpret this statement, the policy will prioritize those of a minority religion in their country completely segregating those who are Muslim. This biased mindset enforces the idea of a religion being directly tied to terrorism.

Protesters all over the nation have swarmed to local airports, but what is all the buzz about? With Trump’s signature came force leaving those who had already arrived in the U.S. to sit in detainment for several hours until a federal judge granted temporary stay to immigrants on transit or who hold a valid visa. Denying family reunification rights created a riot. Within hours after Trump signed the document, people flooded  to release their family members and stand up for those who were held in custody. Amongst those unlucky enough to be traveling during the time of the ban were several young children and women. Infuriated, lawyers arrived filling out habeas corpus petitions with hopes to secure the people’s release. Within the first week of the immigration, Trump has been named in at least 42 lawsuits.

Violating human rights and overriding people who have fled their countries in hope for a more prosperous future does not only reflect the morals of our assemblage but the corruption in our government. The United States of America was built by people who came here on a long journey hoping for the slightest bit of minute success. Yet the outcome of our population is now being dictated by the “white supremacists.” The only option in this fascist environment is to better educate yourself and let your voice be heard. One person can not command a nation who has always been great.

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