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Will Mead

Will Mead

Bulldogs Shine in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

March 10, 2017

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. The title gives you the gist of the plot: here are seven brothers — each of them scruffy mountain men, living outside the town — in need of some female company and domestic assistance, so oldest brother Adam goes to town and secures himself a bride called Milly, portrayed by the insanely talented Collyn Calhoun; and then his six siblings, unschooled in regular dating (but also living in an area where, we are told, there are 10 men for every girl), hatch a plan to kidnap women to marry.

The action often split from the show into the audience aisles and allowed the us to feel very involved in every moment of the show. Brett Hund, who played the lead brother Adam, was superbly cast. His incredible height allowed Director Jerica Khosla and Choreographer Becca Higgs to make hilarious jokes and leaps. The character he brought to the stage was funny, hot-headed, and so talented.

The musical, based on the 1954 MGM film, brings ideas of women’s rights and suggests that women can assert their own power by fighting back against such a patriarchy, but landing a tamed husband is nonetheless a priority. The leader of the feminist ideas is the hard working, newlywed, Milly. Collyn Calhoun, who is a Junior here at Centennial, has incredible natural talent and left the audience with chills. By the first minute she walked on stage the audience could tell that they were going to be wowed due to her natural stage presence and beautiful voice.

After the show I was able to talk to a few of the cast members, Collyn said, “My favorite part was probably just getting to do it with all my friends and the new members of the cast.” Which seemed to be a running theme for all of the brothers and brides. Brenden Dewar who plays one of the brothers said his favorite part was, “Making friends that I have never gotten to talk to before….and getting to be apart of this process with everyone here just expressing their talents. That’s my favorite”

One question I asked everyone I interviewed was “What was the funniest moment in rehearsal?” Although I didn’t get any explanation, the most popular answer was their inside joke “The butter churn is out back”. By the pure amount of laughter that came from the cast when this was mentioned I was able to tell the amount of fun they had during their rehearsals.

I hope that everyone can come out to this show to support their friends and the school by enjoying great music and dancing. These kids have put so much time and effort into making it and they all hope you come and they only have two more shows left, March 10th and 11th at 7 o’clock here at Centennial in Sandoval Theater.

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