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Germany’s Herr Kehl has Proven to Be a Valuable Asset to Centennial

April 27, 2017

You’ve probably seen him walking the halls during passing period, an unfamiliar face with blond hair tied back in a man-bun. You may have seen him walk into the German classroom, and may have even seen him teaching the class. You’ve probably figured out by now that he isn’t a student, but the unfamiliarity suggests that he isn’t a teacher either. So who is he? He is Herr Kehl, and he is actually both student and teacher, for the time being.

Herr Kehl is from a small state in central Germany called Thüringen and his goal is to teach European History in Germany. He is currently spending some time here in America through an internship learning about teaching from Frau Moosbrugger, Centennial’s German teacher. He arrived here at Centennial early into the school year, shortly before the German exchange students departed. He has learned a great deal about teaching, and the obscurities of the English language, during his time here and has in turn taught several lessons about music, language and grammar, and, of course, history. One of his greatest accomplishments though, was seen during the World Culture Fair.

During one of his first lessons, he showed a German 2 class an advertisement from the Berlin Department of Public Transportation, abbreviated BVG in German. The music video was called “Ist mir egal,” translating to “I don’t care” in English, and the class loved it. They originally used the song to work on comprehension and understanding the context of what’s being said, even if they don’t understand everything. As the Culture Fair drew closer, he and the class began putting together lyrics for a parody of the song, which they would perform at the Culture Fair. The performance was a huge success and while many people loved it, it raised several questions about the identity of the strangely dressed man who sang along with the students.

Herr Kehl has done so much to help the German program, and the rest of the school as well, even speaking at the World Language Honor Society inductions. However, now that the mysteries have been cleared up, his time at our school is nearing its end. Soon, too soon it seems, he will be returning to his home across the Atlantic. 

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