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Frau Moosbrugger has displayed incredible dedication to the German Club

Frau Moosbrugger has displayed incredible dedication to the German Club

Frau Moosbrugger has displayed incredible dedication to the German Club

German Club Gains Momentum

May 1, 2017

Centennial’s German program has been very active this year, especially compared to last year when Frau Moosbrugger was out for surgery for a couple months. It seems they’re making up for lost time with several events to look forward to towards the end of the year. But first, let’s recap our year so far, to get caught up.

At the start of the year, the German foreign exchange students came to visit from across the Atlantic, and, shortly before they left, the German program’s language assistant Herr Kehl arrived to stay for most of the school year. The German/Writing club has had a few after school field trips since then and begun playing Dungeons & Dragons on Fridays. The biggest event so far, has been the World Language Culture Fair, for which the students wrote and performed a parody of the song “Ist mir egal.” Recently the World Language Honor Society inductions were held to honor exceptional students, with several native speaking Germans, including Herr Kehl and an exchange student, to speak at the event. And thanks to a massive grant from the German government of 4,000 Euros, about $4,300, next year will be even more exciting!

Soon, the German program will be having their first annual Deutsch Fest to celebrate students who have been active within the German program this year and handing out awards of all kinds. Some for grades, others from the GAPP exchange, and some simply for participating in prior events. This end of the year party looks well suited to end the year with a bang, similar to how it started for the German program. But that’s not all. The first GAPP information meetings will be early this summer and at the start of the next school year, Frau Moosbrugger will kick things off with a German Immersion weekend in Buela Mountain Park in October. That will be a whole weekend of strictly German activities, games, and language. Soon after that, applications for the next GAPP exchange will begin as well as information meetings to prepare for the upcoming exchange. And next December, she has planned a German Club field trip to the Christmas market in Denver.

This year has been a busy one for the German program as Frau Moosbrugger makes up for time lost to her surgery last year. They have kept very busy this year, but as things draw to a close they are gaining momentum to start next year even stronger than they finish off this one.

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