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“HAE” Club New at Centennial

September 20, 2017

This year a new club has sparked up at Centennial.  Aedan Manzanares, Anna Shah, and Ms. Amaya wanted to create a club that wasn’t pretentious.  They wanted something that everyone and anyone could join and they did just that.  What was the outcome?  Tons of people showing up wanting to know more about the “HAE” club, which is actually pronounced as “hey.”

Aedan is the leader of this new club, which is part of the reason why so many people were eager to get involved and wanted to know more.  He started by saying, “HAE stands for ‘Humanity Awareness Equality’ and the goal for the club is to educate and empower our peers of the hardships faced by the less fortunate.”  That’s what so exciting about this club because they talk about real life problems and real life issues that everyone should be aware of.  Like Aedan said, it’s more about educating and getting people more involved,  and giving them the ability to feel empowered.  You have a community of people to talk to that genuinely care.  With such a strong passion, Aedan plans to bring so many people together as one, as well as raise money for those who really need it.

The sponsor of the club is Ms. Amaya who stated, “I’m very excited to get started I think this is something unlike any club at Centennial, which is really exciting.”  Who wouldn’t be excited when the base of this club is genuinely passionate and excited about getting fellow dogs involved?  Ashley Higginbotham showed up to last week’s meeting and said she’s really excited about the advertisement, and stated “I think it’s so cool that we are actually doing something to help those who need it.”  By the sounds of it they have a lot planned to try and raise money and help those who are less fortunate.

Anyone interested in joining the club can stop by Ms. Amaya’s room after school on Fridays.  As Aedan said, “Hae Club baby 2018, don’t miss it.”

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