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Senior, Aaron Jimenez

Senior, Aaron Jimenez

Senior, Aaron Jimenez

The Impossible Club Bringing Bulldogs Back Into the Darkroom

September 21, 2017

First, some context:  Centennial High School’s current building was built in 1973 with two full-service dark rooms in addition to a full service graphic design room (in which one dark room is coupled to). Today, 44 years later: both darkrooms lay dormant, one repurposed for screen printing, the other now empty.  We aim to change that. We plan to bring film back to Centennial High School in the same way The Impossible Project brought back integral film to the public after Polaroid discontinued it in 2008.

Welcome to The Impossible Club!

The Impossible Club is a new club here which is a film-based photography, journalism, and chemistry club. It focuses on all-analog aspects of these areas, meaning we will shoot on film, develop it, and publish it in-house with minimal aid of digital devices utilizing the “Upper Media” Darkroom and other Centennial High School assets.

The Impossible Club strives to bring what we consider “Analog Renaissance;” the revival of film in a digital age. In addition to making more personal, meaningful art for all to enjoy, especially for the photographer themselves.

We shoot photos, develop them, and publish them all in-house here at Centennial High School.  This club revives one of the two integrated full-service darkrooms to develop black & white and color 35mm film with possible additions of special types of film, including 8mm and 16mm movie film, any special types being developed on a case-by-case scenario while 35mm film will be developed at all other times.  In addition to standard film, we also integrate integral film (such as a polaroid 600 picture) in our program, ensuring that all film is covered, weather it requires development or if it is all contained.

Members will experience being able to learn and understand how to shoot, develop, enlarge, and publish film with experienced or new film photographers. After a short amount of time: members will be able to perform all this individually and hone their skills in each, not to mention abstractly assisting in the digital photography realm with experience in film. Members will also be lucky enough to shoot on Integral Polaroid 600 and SX-70 film which requires zero skill.

“Why was this club formed? We already have digital photography.”

Film is considered out of date, sure, but with the recent success of integral film and professionals converting back to film due to it’s magic, look, and general better quality in some cases without post-processing (such as Adobe’s famous Photoshop and Lightroom applications). We would like to bring back analog photography for the better, having each photo shot, developed, printed, and enlarged in-house (optionally by the photographer themselves), it will allow for a new way to produce art here. Not to mention the simple fact that if skills are developed: an income can be obtained with the community sending film to us to be developed. Imagine being able to serve the community in the same way our integrated planetarium is.

That is not all, either! Just one more of the many reasons why this club has been formed is to simply use the facilities built by the architects and original outlook of the school in the late 20th century, keeping a piece of history functional. This also utilizes instant film from the same era, encompassing all types of art in the photography film world.

“Sweet! I want to join! What do I need to join?”

There are no requirements or prerequisites to join. Anybody may join as long as they maintain an image of maturity (with some deviation, of course, immaturity is needed for art) and are responsible with the chemistry involved, also as long as they remain positive to all others, even if they are more solo.

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