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Photo Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

Photo Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

Photo Courtesy of The Baltimore Sun

Pueblo to Host First Women’s March in January

January 12, 2018

For Pueblo, big events aren’t a very common thing. This year, we are hoping that there will be a change. The spark to this change is the Women’s March that is occurring in Pueblo on January 20, 2018. This event will start at 12 PM at the Old Pueblo County Courthouse.

The person in charge of this whole ordeal is Patricia O’Brien. Hilary Glasgow, the Executive Director of the State Employees Union who is also assisting in this ordeal, has this to say about the march: “It’s important for people from Southern Colorado to have access to activism. The work of democracy can’t stop at the big city lines, such as Denver.”

For years, Southern Colorado has been trying to be a part of the action, but bigger cities like Denver block out our efforts. This new location for a march will give more people a chance to participate in activist roles in order to help change our world for the better, without leaving the comfort of their towns. It may be less crowded than the other Women’s Marches occurring, but that means that it will be more personal to every person as they will all feel as if they are making a change.

There will be multiple speakers for this event, and everyone is welcome. People are encouraged to come and participate in this life-changing event that, though many people believe does not change anything, will have a very positive effect on the world and how we view people. This event will put Pueblo  on the map and will hopefully change other people’s opinions on us, showing that we aren’t just a small town with a high crime rate, but rather a small town who is trying to make a difference in the world.

No matter who you are, whether you believe it or not, you are making a difference in the world. People may think that they aren’t, but Glasgow says “the only thing in the way of tyranny is unity amongst the tyrannized. We have to lift up our voices together to defeat the powerful few.”

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