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Bulldog Artist Spotlight

Bulldog Artist Spotlight

Senior, Aaron Jiminez, Pursues Excellence in Film & Digital Photography at Centennial

February 15, 2018

Aaron Jimenez changed the use of Centennial High School’s dark room when he decided to bring the studio back to life and begin developing film once more. The dark room now has a successful revival with the help of Jimenez, Mr. Gallina, and Mrs. Farrer.

But this dark room revolution was not enough for Aaron, he has been creating his very own masterpieces on his own. By day, this hard working Centennial High School student tackles the daily trials of being a teenager, getting through high school, holding a part time job, and graduating to one day become a geologist. In his free time however, he is working hard at creating his very own images in the photography industry. Recently he has been working hard at learning the art of film pictures and creating his own from scratch through digital and most recently, film photography.

Even though it may seem as if most high school students have little to no time to indulge in their own activities, he has managed to use his precious free time to achieve his goal of going on adventures to take pictures at least once every single week. Getting outside and just taking pictures as much as you possibly can is so important for the art of photography. Capturing spectacular photos of not only landscapes, but also cityscapes have been his passion since he started taking pictures.

Jimenez,18, has built his Centennial High School career around graphic design, journalism, and most importantly, photography. “My classes throughout the day consist of being in Mr. Gallina’s classroom for five hours each day,” says Jimenez.

“My dad had a digital camera that really inspired me to start taking digital photos in the first place”, he told The Centennialight staff when asked what made him decide to begin taking interest in photography. “I was probably about thirteen when my dad gave me my first digital camera. He bought himself a new one just so that I could have his old one.”  His father has inspired him to pursue his photography career. Starting to take photography seriously in 2014, he has just about had four years of experience.

During the interview, you could truly see the passion that he has for photography. His pictures really show how much he cares and has been invested in this hobby since he has started. It’s important for students to have a craving for an art like this. Jimenez has inspired not only me, but also many others that surround him, to to follow their passion even if they may not seem to have a niche for it during the get go.

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