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Some of the 2017/2018 Centennial Science Olympiad Team with our sponsor (Mrs. Farrer) and a parent assistant.

Some of the 2017/2018 Centennial Science Olympiad Team with our sponsor (Mrs. Farrer) and a parent assistant.

Some of the 2017/2018 Centennial Science Olympiad Team with our sponsor (Mrs. Farrer) and a parent assistant.

Science Olympiad at CSU-Pueblo

February 21, 2018

Our Centennial Science Olympiad team attended CSU-Pueblo’s Regional Science Olympiad competition for a chance to go to the state competition. Over 800 students have attended this weekend for a day of academic (and some arguably physical) competition.

For those who do not know what Science Olympiad is: Science Olympiad is a nationwide science-based academic competition  in which schools with teams will participate in a variety of challenges which test their ability to learn, create, communicate,  and build according to specifications, then also tests how well their creations or theories work. Some of these challenges include, but are not limited to Anatomy and Physiology.

CSU-Pueblo’s Thunderwolf logo in front of the B.C.C. communication satellite

Throughout the day of Saturday, February 17th: our team and plenty of others from schools in both division B, C (School size), middle, and high school went between any of the 13 buildings on CSU-Pueblo’s campus used for competition every top of the hour, having only minutes to rest and prepare for the next event, not to mention that each sub-team (as teams are split to do multiple events at once) must grab a ticket in their home building first.  Luckily, after around 10 rotations of events (10 hours): each team could assemble in CSU-Pueblo’s indoor basketball arena to learn the results of Saturday’s regionals.


At the nearly two-and-a-half hour assembly: we had placed 25th out of 30 different  schools in the same division (C), yet despite the seemingly low number: our team in fact did very well for our size and composition of students. Some events such as Disease Detectives (6th), Herpetology (8th), Optics (12th), Mission Possible (13th) and Thermodynamics (12th) all scored under 15th place. To give perspective on how nice this is: our team has not attended this event before. Teams with our equivalent of composition (Such as Cheyenne Mountain High School’s Team #4 and Widefield High School) have only scored marginally better on average, despite them participating in Science Olympiad for years.

Yet it is not all about the game. All in the end all 800 students went home with a wonderful, fun experience. Our team and many others had simply gone to have fun and enjoy the challenge with winning being a second priority. Even at the results ceremony (as seen above): a fun trivia game was played with students who wanted to in front of the gathering audience before any results were stated. While it is rare, Science Olympiad really is a sport that winning is not everything.

Some of the students from various schools participating in a trivia game before the results ceremony

Our team plans to develop and grow for the 2018/2019 Science Olympiad. If you would like to join to participate or even to help out: Visit Mrs. Farrer in room 405. No prerequisites needed! The more we have in our team: the better! Join The Centennial Science Olympiad Team today!

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