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Jenna Herrera

Bulldogs Walk Out on Gun Violence

March 27, 2018

March 14th, 2018 marks one month after the devastating shooting of 17 people at Majority Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida. Over the course of the days inbetween: many survivors from MSDHS and more had organized a national walkout for all students supporting the cause of putting more control on firearms in the U.S. in order to reduce the violence caused by them en masse. At 10:00 AM (respective to time zone), March 14th, 2018: students all across the United States had stepped out of their school building to protest as part of the “ENOUGH: A National School Walkout”. Some of Pueblo, Colorado’s Centennial Bulldogs were among them.

Pueblo City Schools (D60) and D70 had both considered this walkout as “Intermission,” luckily for those who chose to participate, unlike some school districts in the U.S. which did not permit the walkout at all. Parents, students, educators, and administration who wanted to support this cause stepped out to listen to speakers outside on the front lawn of Centennial High School sporting signs with messages such as “Enough is Enough,” “Fear has no place in our schools!,” “We stand with our peers,” “Am I next?,” and “We Matter.” One sign held up by someone standing apart the crowd of students read “We Support U,” showing support and value for students’ movement from those who manage them.

Throughout the entirety of the 15-minute-long walkout: the student body which had chosen to collect were quiet and attentive; listening to all the words stated by the few students standing upon a white pickup, lifting pictures of those brutally slaughtered at MSDHS, going over their stories, backgrounds, dreams, followed by brief silence between each deceased student’s picture. Occasionally chants would be made such as “Enough is enough! Enough is enough! Enough is…” and so on. In each of these moments: a single student’s large American Flag seemed to stand out.

Finally, the walkout had ended, and all students, staff, and others had returned to their places, going on with life as normal, hoping that maybe one day: the place these students learn will be safe from this point forward.

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