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Teacher Feature

Teacher Feature

Mrs. Maestas

April 6, 2018

Imagine a student just like you. Walking the halls, going to class and none the wiser that she was going to change the lives of many students. Mrs. Maestas was one such student.

Her dream of teaching students was based on some absolutely amazing students she has had in the past. When I asked her what made her want to be a teacher she said: “I think I knew since second grade that I wanted to be a teacher, because I had a great teacher named Mrs. Eslinger.” This really proves that at any age a teacher can touch a student’s heart. The fantastic and kind teacher Mrs. Eslinger, inspired young Mrs. Maestas into becoming a great teacher herself; however, she didn’t know what she truly wanted to teach until high school.

High school was a time of change in her life. She had two great teachers during her years that truly changed her outlook on what she wanted to teach. Mrs. Kovacich and Mrs. Pike where two teachers that truly changed her life. They introduced her to the wide world of business and made her realize that it was what she wanted to teach. This was in the for of FBLA and DECA. Before this, she had flip flopped between wanting to go into nursing or teaching, but once she got the inspiration from her teachers, she realized that she wanted to do business. So if you are wondering how she got her amazing FBLA skills, then you can thank those two.

Mrs. Maestas had a very similar high school life to most people. She walked these halls just like us and experienced many of the same things we do as well. When I asked her how her high school life was like in general she stated “I would say very busy. I played three sports, was in all honors classes and was also involved in a ton of clubs like FBLA.” This really shows that anyone walking through the halls right now could grow to become someone that helps, teaches, and changes the life of students every day.

Her high school life did have some interesting things though. When I asked her where she went to highschool she stated: “I started out at centennial Freshman and Sophomore year. Then I transfered to east which is where I graduated.” It may be sad to hear that she had to leave Centennial after only two years here, but luckily she didn’t go far. Her high school days were ultimately preparing herself for the next big leap in her life, college.

Mrs. Maestas came to college with a very similar outlook to most people. She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to do, but she did know the field she wanted to go into, business. “I knew I was going to go to college and that I wanted to major in something “business wise”, I just wasn’t sure the path that I wanted to follow”. She said this when asked what she planned to do in college when she was in high school. It really shows that the teachers had a real impact on her and what she ended up wanting to do with her life.

Mrs. Maestas working with a student in class

Life wasn’t always so easy though. While most people understand that college is a big step up from highschool, not everyone realizes just how stressful it can be. This is no exception with Mrs. Maestas. When asked what her college life was like she stated that: “College was very busy. I was taking on 18 to 20 credits at one time, and to top it all off, I was also an equipment manager for the athletic department at CSU Fort Collins.

After her college days, most of us know the rest of the story. I think I can speak for many people when I say that Mrs. Maestas is one of the greatest and most committed teachers we have here at Centennial. She handles many of the technology classes at Centennial and runs the biggest business club in Pueblo, FBLA.

Mrs. Maestas is a great teacher for many reasons, but one I would like to touch on majorly is her reason for teaching. “It’s the students.” she said “It would have to be the light bulb in their heds that goes of when they realize something. I personally feel that I am not making a huge impact, but to them, it’s something more”.

She may not believe that she makes a difference, but I think that if you ask many people within the school, they would say otherwise. With that note, I will leave you with the final message from her, to anyone who is struggling with: school, work, or personal life troubles. “Keep working hard. Life may knock you down, but you just have to get back up and keep working. In general I think everyone has been through a lot, but that’s what makes us all different.”

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