Teachers and Allies Protest Pueblo City Schools Board of Education Meeting

April 25, 2018


Photo Credits:  Mia Gilbertson


On Tuesday, April 24th, teachers and their allies both stood outside the Pueblo City Schools (District 60) administration building as the typical monthly board meeting was in progress. While normally this board meeting would go by silently,  recent school closures in the district after the school board’s unfavorable vote concerning pay increases, and the Pueblo Education Association hosting a vote where educators decided in a land slide to to strike, teachers along with support from the community rallied to let their voices be heard.

The five board members (Barbara Clementi, Frank C. Latino, Robert Gonzales, Dennis Maes, and Taylor Voss) during their meeting, which The Pueblo Cheiftain described as a “we talk, you listen” type of meeting, were met with pleas to not only revoke their previous 3 to 2 vote against paying teachers more to help compensate for cost of living increases, but to also consider nutrition workers’ pay and children who will suffer from missing their Friday meal.  

Pueblo City School’s teachers, who voted to strike, are awaiting possible mediation from the Colorado Department of Labor.

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