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Coach Ortiz Brings New Life to Centennial Softball

September 11, 2018

Erica Ortiz isn’t just any other teacher, she’s also the new 1st-year softball coach here at Centennial.  Although it’s her first year coaching, she has made her mark by leading her team to a winning record.  The Lady Bulldogs are currently 8-2 going into league play, which hasn’t been done in years.

Coach Erica, a former South Colt, didn’t always want to be the teacher-coach that she is now, she originally wanted to be a nurse.  She found out real quick in college that she couldn’t handle blood, so she went to her second option of being a teacher.  As for coaching it’s something that just happened.  She played in college at Otero Junior College as a left fielder, although she states, “I would’ve been a monster middle infielder if it wasn’t for me being a lefty.”  Her knowledge on collegiate softball gives her an upper hand because she knows what it takes to get there making her that better of a coach.  “My favorite part about being a coach is being someone the girls look up to, and my ultimate goal is to make them want to be better people, not just better softball players but genuine people.”

Although she’s having fun being a coach she did say there are some obstacles to the job.  “The hardest part for me is taking away time from my family, especially my daughter Brecken, but seeing the emotion and passion the girls have for the sport makes up for that and the tiredness that has come with it.” Her goal for this years team is to just be a competitive team, “Win or lose I just want the other teams to see us as good competition and we can build off of that for next few years.”  What she wants the girls to take most from her as a coach and teacher is “to just grow and know where you are now isn’t where you’re going to be in 10 years.”

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