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Mr. Sanchez

October 2, 2018

A teacher is a person who helps others to acquire knowledge, competencies or values, and that is what Mr. Sanchez strives to do for his students. Sanchez was a police officer but says that many people would always tell him that he would be a great teacher, so he pursued this career instead. His strengths in teaching he says are, “building relationships with his students, which ultimately makes them work,” and I believe most of his students would agree. His teaching style is laid back and he’s always trying to bring fun into the classroom, and if you have ever been in his class you know that’s true. His favorite part about teaching is interacting with the wonderful students here at Centennial.  Mr. Sanchez has been working at Centennial for 8 years and states that “Centennial is by far his favorite school he’s worked at.”

Sanchez was born and raised in Pueblo. Although he loves to work at Centennial, Sanchez graduated from Central and his daughter attends Central right now, which means he’s probably rooting for the bell to ring blue.  He earned his bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University and his masters from the University of Phoenix.  Sanchez is a teacher by day and a dad by night. In his free time, he says he’s mostly running around watching his kids with their activities but he also likes to watch football and other sports.

When I asked Sanchez how he would describe himself he said: “I think I’m funny, I’m laid back, I love my kids, and I’m a decent cook.”  We as students can’t imagine Centennial without Mr. Sanchez, and his advice to you as students is to “get involved in as many activities possible.”


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