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Junior, Lilian Coon

Junior, Lilian Coon

Junior, Lilian Coon

Country Roads to Pueblo

October 16, 2018

Out in the county, past the boundary of the city, is a sprawling farm. There’s a wide backyard, an aged tree with a tire swing standing tall in the middle, and a red-speckled strawberry field stretching as far as the eye can see. Animals wander in their pens, and the sun shines brightly overhead.

This scene sounds like something from Little House On the Prairie, doesn’t it? But it’s all real straight out of the memories of Lillian Coon, a 16-year-old junior at Centennial High School. Coon is a dancer, an adventurer, a Pottermore proclaimed Hufflepuff and a… bona fide country girl?

Coon was born and raised on a farm in Pueblo County. She was disconnected from technology and the hubbub of society; they only had one TV and a landline phone, and even walking to the grocery store— Lagrese— was a chore in and of itself. She grew up immersed in nature and surrounded by farm animals.

The family-owned goats, chickens, rabbits, dogs, a pig, and horses, the latter of which she rode competitively. One of her farm duties included gathering eggs from the chicken coop, which she remembers being incredibly difficult.

“Those chickens were aggressive,” she laughed. “They’d try to peck you when you came close.”

A fonder memory she has is picking strawberries with her cousin Alyssa, who she referred to as “basically my sister.” The pair had been asked to gather the berries by a parent and ended up eating the whole basket before even coming back to the house.

However, those idyllic days are left in the past. When her parents divorced, Coon was forced to move. Then her grandma passed away, taking the magic of the farm with her.

“I’d like to go back,” she said. “But without the animals and Grandma, it’s not the same anymore.”

Now, the farm is reserved for special occasions, like her grandmother’s birthday and Christmas, which carries with it the tradition of cutting down a fresh pine tree and hanging up special ornaments.

As the time passes, Coon keeps her memories close to her heart, and now, you’ve gotten a glimpse at them too.

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