Food drive containers await donations outside of the main office at Centennial

Benjamin Cristoferson

Thanks For Giving!

Local Teens Strive to Make a Difference for Families in Need

November 12, 2018

As we transition from October to November, the spirit of the season becomes a little less spooky and a little more generous. In line with longstanding American tradition, several Centennial organizations are hosting a food drive for those that need a little boost to make this Thanksgiving and Christmas extra special.

Community advocate Sandy Herrera compiled a list of Bulldog families that struggle to make ends meet, with the goal of putting together food baskets for Thanksgiving dinners and filling pantries until Christmas. Centennial’s Student Government and Girl’s Cabinet, in conjunction with Morton Elementary, tasked local youth with donating food and money for that cause. And as Student Government Adviser Wendy Shipley was happy to report, plenty of students stepped up.

“We’re doing far better than last year,” Shipley said. “The seniors have evenly filled the entire bottom of their box, and it’s pretty deep, you know.”

Student Body President Maddy Bigley added, “Yeah, our senior class is really into helping the community. In AP Lit today, one girl donated ten dollars. I was really surprised because not many people do that.”

However, there’s still much work to be done. Despite the involvement of multiple organizations, several Facebook posts, the creation of flyers, and phone calls home, the food drive hasn’t generated as much interest as it could have. For example, as of November 8th, the freshmen have only one can in their box. It’s baffling to Shipley, who pointed out that there’s “a lot of fingers in this pot,” and people should know what’s going on.

“[Listen,] it’s important that we reach out to those in need. We must give back because we’ve been given so much,” she said.

Remember her words as November rolls along. Though the Bulldogs have done a great job, they can still go beyond and make the upcoming holidays a fun time for everyone.

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