School Closures On the Horizon?

Pueblo Schools Have Tough Decisions to Make

December 11, 2018

Following a review conducted by a group of architects, community leaders recently received some grim news: Pueblo’s schools are falling into disrepair.

This may seem blatantly obvious to students, who have borne witness to cockroaches in the hallways, trash can fires, curiously missing ceiling panels or tiles, storms of bats, and more. But the truth is that it’s worse than it seems, not to mention more costly. Centennial alone is projected to cost $114 million to fix, based on the FCI score. Predictably, that means the Bulldogs have a poor rating.

If that wasn’t enough, the other inner city schools aren’t doing much better. Only South High School has an FCI score less than $100 million— and it’s a cool $80,000,000.

The teachers are well aware of this fact. David Montera, who has been teaching at Centennial for decades, said, “Some schools should close. The buildings I visit are underutilized and decrepit. We’re losing students to Goal Academy and District 70, so we have too few students and too many rooms. [Plus,] the infrastructure can’t support new technology. Recently, the circuits in the Apex lab blew and 8-10 computers are unusable.”

While no official decision has been reached yet, it’s clear that Pueblo is facing an urgent problem. Students, parents, and teachers alike must consider what they’re willing to do to fix it. Whether that means upping taxes to generate revenue leaders can put toward the buildings, or tearing them down entirely so they can be reborn, a solution must be reached.

Four forums were recently held to discuss these issues. At this time, the content of those meetings is not known to the Centennialight.

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