Junior Allison Sparks Epitomizes the Role of Student Athlete

December 11, 2018

Allison Sparks, also known as Sparky Jean by her teammates, is a student-athlete here at Centennial High school. Sparky is a Junior here at Centennial and has taken mainly honors and AP classes in her years at Centennial. Sparky plays three sports, cross country, basketball, and soccer, although she plays soccer year round as well. She’s on varsity for all three and has been since she was a freshman. Last year, she won the defensive player of the year in soccer and was one of the captains on the team. On top of that, she manages to be top 3 out of the girls running cross country. She’s a phenomenal athlete and really works hard at everything she does. Sparky claims that the most important thing to remember when you’re a student-athlete is to not procrastinate. “Procrastinating will only make your grades fall, and cause you to stress and if you’re stressed about school, you won’t perform well on the field.”

Although Sparky is only a Junior, she already has an idea of what she wants to do when she graduates from high school. She plans to attend CSU-P and hopefully play on their women’s soccer team, and then transfer to CSU- Fort Collins to get her master degree in Engineering. She wants to be an engineer because she loves science and math and it sparks a keen interest in her. She maintains a 4.0 and all A’s and just like when it comes to her sports, she puts her best foot forward in the classroom as well.

When Sparky isn’t playing sports or doing homework, she enjoys doing a multitude of other things. She loves to color, watch movies, and hang out with her friends and family. Her favorite school subject is science, “Because it’s interesting and easy to learn about, plus you always learn something new.” Winter is her favorite season because she loves snow and Christmas is her favorite holiday. When it comes to favorite teachers, Sparky thinks of Mr. Sterling because not only is he her soccer coach and history teacher, but he’s known her since she was 7. Allison Sparks, overall, is proud to be a Centennial Bulldog and enjoys her school life here at Centennial High School.

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