Centennial & South Drama Programs Join Forces for Musical Production

January 24, 2019

It’s the time of year where the drama department starts their annual musical practice; however, this year Centennial’s drama department is doing something very special.  Due to the discovery that South High School was not going to be able to have their own musical this year, the drama directors from both schools decided to join the two drama departments and do a musical together. They are doing the classic musical, “Anything Goes,” from the 1930s, but they will be doing the version updated in the 1980s.  The performance will take place at Centennial High School on dates which are yet to be announced.

“Anything Goes” is a crazy adventure from the 1930s. It’s about a sly, young stockbroker named Billy Crocker, and his friend Reno Sweeney, who is a famous evangelist (someone who publicly preaches the word of god) turned singer.  The duo does their best to try and stop a wedding between Sir Evelyn Oakleigh (a wealthy Englishmen) and Billy’s love interest, Hope Harcourt.  In order to do this, Billy sneaks onto a boat, befriends a known criminal, Moonface Martin, pretends to be a certain different passenger (which just so happens to be public enemy number one), and other crazy things you will only find in a musical from the 1930s.


The Cast List



Reno Sweeney: Ava Escobado

Billy Crocker: Zion Becker

Hope Harcourt: Erin Shipley

Lord Evelyn Oakleigh: Caleb Murray

Erma: Maya Maes-Johnson

Moonface Martin: Ben Murray

Evangeline Harcourt: Isabella Rodriguez

Elisha Whitney: Zachary Chavez



Purity: Lana Kitchen

Captain: Ben Christoferson

Chastity: Matalyn Craighead

Purser: Shawn Pacheco

Charity: Kayla Slaughter

Henry T. Dobson: Devin Bell

Virtue: Cate Castelli

John: Jesse Aguilera

Old Lady: Preston Williams

Luke: Darin Delgado

Fred: Mateo Fimbres

(There are also wildly talented and fantastic people in the chorus that weren’t lucky enough to get a named part)




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