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Jeremiah Lange Dominates Senior Year

Jeremiah Lange, better known as Jerry, is a Senior here at Centennial High School. He’s attended Centennial all four years. He plays three sports, currently in basketball season right now, and manages to keep a weighted GPA of 3.5. He played all four years of baseball and basketball, and played football this year as a senior, not to mention, he is on varsity and starts in each sport.

All three sports, Jeremiah has been playing since he was 3. “At first, it was all for fun and because my parents put me in that sport,” says Lange, “but now I continue to play because it helps clear my head and remove me from everything I have going on in the real world.” Jeremiah also says he still plays for the fun of it, even though high school sports are based solely on competition. Jeremiah plans to attend college and continue his baseball career, although he’s not sure which college he wants to go to, but he does want to go to a school that offers a Criminal Justice Program because he wants to be a cop when he’s older. He enjoys all the sports he plays because it allows him to be apart of a team and make lifelong friendships and close bonds with people who share something in common with you.

Not only is Jeremiah an amazing athlete and a key player for every sport he participates in, but he is also an outstanding student. Jeremiah not only maintains good grades, but maintains good grades while taking honors and AP classes. “The main thing you need to know as a student athlete, is to be sure to do your class work in class, and utilize all the time your teachers give you to do your work, that way when schools out, you can focus on your sports and not have to worry about having such a big homework load.” He strongly believes in time management, because it’s very easy to start falling back in classes and in your sports if you don’t stay on top of things. Being a student athlete is not easy, because even though you can spend all the time in class doing your work, the rigorous amounts of work they give you, still leaves you with homework.

Outside of school, Jerry enjoys a multitude of things ranging from playing Fortnite to going out to a movie with his friends or just cruising around. His favorite color is pink and he isn’t afraid to show. The Centennial Boys Basketball Team plays this Friday here at Centennial vs the Central Wildcats. Be there or be square.


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