CSU-Pueblo’s Rev89 Hosts Centennial Bulldogs

January 31, 2019

Last Thursday, Centennial High School’s Intro to Journalism class attended a field trip to CSU-Pueblo’s Revolution, Rev89 radio station.

The Centennial students were offered the opportunity to observe and participate in the radio station’s daily routine; including a showing of the recording room, where they learned how radio personalities record underwriting spots, prerecorded breaks, and create the station’s playlist.  Des, the station manager, helped the students prepare to introduce themselves live during a break.  Isabella Vigil, junior at Centennial, felt very nervous prior to the introduction because she had never done anything like that before, but her nerves calmed down when the student ambassador gave her time to prepare.  “At first I was nervous, but then felt more prepared because they gave me time to practice,” said Vigil.

Not only were the students able to introduce themselves on live radio, but they were also able to see the way the cameras at the PBS station operated.  While visiting the PBS station, the students were able to operate the cameras and also see the different backgrounds the green screen creates.  Lilian Coon, junior at Centennial, was first up to test out the bulky cameras.  “The cameras were very big, but it was fun to zoom in and out on everyone’s face,” said Coon.  The students were led through the stations by student ambassadors Jacob and Blake, radio personality Daniel, and station manager Des. They all explained their part in making the radio station possible.

As a whole, the students enjoyed the live introduction the most because it was their opportunity to be on live radio.

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