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A Star on & off the Court

A Star on & off the Court

Senior Jillian Kelly is Making Moves

February 7, 2019

Senior Jillian Kelly, or Jill Kell, is not only a star in the classroom but a star on the field/court too.  She receives academic letters and pins for maintaining a 4.0-grade point average but manages to do it while playing four sports, which is quite the accomplishment.  Jillian plays volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track, all while she keeps up with her favorite hobbies which include, camping and hiking, working out, running, and jamming to music.

Jillian has been playing volleyball since she was in third grade and she played on varsity her last two years, which is pretty impressive because making the varsity team as a junior isn’t easy.  When it comes to basketball, Jillian has been playing, once again, since she was in third grade, and has been on the varsity team since she was a freshman, also impressive, I know! She plays center for our Lady Bulldogs and starts every game in this sport as well. I’m not done yet, Jillian still has two more sports teams that she’s apart of. Last year, Jillian decided to try out for our girls’ soccer team, who are 3-time SCL Champions! She made varsity and is one of the two goalies the team has. Finally, Jillian runs track. She’s a sprinter and she has been running track since she was in 6th grade and has been on the varsity team for all four years of high school as well.

Jill says she continues to play sports “because it’s a way to challenge myself physically and mentally.” She also adds that “being part of a sports team and making new friends is her favorite part of the whole thing.” Don’t be misled though, being a student-athlete is a tough life. She has to make sure she balances out her school work and sports and keep a positive attitude, even through all the stress. Jill Kell advises all the student-athletes, especially the lower classmen, “to always work hard and off the field or court, even when nobody’s looking. Hard work pays off, trust me!”

Jillian also received all A’s and some B’s in her classes. She takes a total of 5 classes this year as a senior, which include honors and college STS (senior to sophomore) classes. Not to mention, one of her classes is an extracurricular activity class – Journalism. She has to manage to make as many sports game as possible, even when she’s in season, because four of the Journalism students have to be student section leaders, and she’s one of them. On top of that, she has to also take pictures or write stories about the game or about something going on in the school to keep her A. Jillian is very hard working and puts her best foot forward in everything she does.  

After high school and graduation, Jillian plans to attend CSU-P, where she will double major in Spanish and education so that way once she finishes college, she can join the Peace Corps and teach English in Spanish speaking countries. Not to mention, she also signed to CSU-P to run track. How amazing is that! Jillian Kelly is really a model student here at Centennial, and a great example of what us Bulldogs here at Centennial are all about.

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