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Getting it Done on the Court & in the Classroom

Getting it Done on the Court & in the Classroom

Sam Preuss can do it all

February 12, 2019

If you come to any sporting event, you’ll be sure to hear Sam Preuss cheering on her team. Sam has the heart of a competitor and the soul of an angel. She works hard on and off the court and it shows. She is a huge part of both the volleyball and basketball team. Standing at 5’8 she is the middle hitter/blocker for the volleyball team and the center for the basketball team. Sam is the heart and soul of her teams, and there’s no doubt that her teammates agree. What she enjoys most about her athletics is the relationships she’s made. She has made several great friends and would not change them for the world. Sam stated, “Each season we play you build a stronger bond and form such great relationships and communication, it warms my heart. To me, the word teammate and friend are synonymous.”

However, her hard work on the court translates into the classroom. For Sam, studies come before athletics every time. Her schedule is AP loaded. This year alone she is in AP biology, ap lit, and ap us history. She is also involved in several other clubs such as the National Honors Society and Girls Cabinet. Not only is the amount of homework she does a night impressive, but so is aGPAa. Her weighted cumulative GPA is a 4.8. Her goal as a student-athlete is to do as well as she can in the classroom. She believes this because, in the end, your brain will be around longer than an athletic career, no matter how good you are.

It is very difficult to be such an outstanding athlete AND student. But Sam is a very committed person. She does not quit and pushes herself to reach her goals. Sam stated, “I believe that you are your own best motivator if you set your own goals you can not fool anyone into seeing your success.” Having this great mindset is something she has learned from her parents. Her biggest role models are her parents because of their work ethic, determination, and positivity have always been amazing qualities for her to strive for her entire life. They have instilled many values of kindness and hard work that she is eternally grateful for.

Even though Sam is a girl who cannot be defined, three words to describe her are determined, considerate, and diligent.

Not only does she balance the lifestyle of a student-athlete but she also has to balance the vegan lifestyle. She has been vegan for almost 2 years now, and during intense sports, her success is determined mainly by how she fuels her body. It requires a lot of planning and research to get the most value out of the calories you are putting into your body. When asked how she has been so successful in her vegan diet, Sam stated, “A balanced, plant-based lifestyle is not extremely difficult if you are committed to following it. But I definitely could not do it without my parents, they cook me amazing food that supports an athlete’s recovery and fuel needs.” She does feel that her athletic performance has improved since she has been vegan. However, more importantly, she feels better, emotionally and physically.

Sam is a truly amazing athlete, student, and vegan. Her hard work on and off the court shows her dedication to all she’s involved in. Though she is only a junior, she plans on taking more challenging classes for her senior year and continuing her career in volleyball and basketball.

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