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Freshman Feature

Freshman Feature

Jordan Pacheco

March 12, 2019

The transition from middle to high school can be difficult for some, but Jordan made it look like a breeze. What seemed to make it so easy was having friends there to share the stress of transitioning over. Jordan is very active when it comes to school activities as she is a member of the Dance Team and also participates in track. When asked which she preferred, Jordan said, “I enjoy dance the most because the team is so nice and I love to dance and be in uniform. Track is mostly to keep me in shape.”

Being an active student at Centennial has helped Jordan break out of her shell and also become friends with more students, which she is very appreciative of.  Outside of school, Jordan also enjoys dancing as she goes to classes at Sarah Shaw Dance Studio, much like some of the other members of Centennial’s dance team.

Although Jordan is busy with two sports and extracurricular activities, she never lets this get in the way of her academics. Her most stressful class is Biology which she says contributes to the fact that science has never been her strong subject. Once she graduates high school, Jordan hopes to go into the medical field, but she is not quite sure where in the medical field she wants to work.

Overall this year has taught Jordan the “vibe” of high school and has helped her learn how to hold a conversation better. Of course, everyone has a favorite memory of the year, and Jordan’s happens to be Bell Game. “I felt more a part of it than years in the past because I’m a Centennial student and a part of the dance team,” said Jordan.

As suggested by many upperclassmen, getting involved in the school activities and sports definitely makes the high school experience much more memorable and this impact has made a difference in Jordan’s high school life.


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