Sophomore Amanda Garbiso Shines Light on the Life of a Student-Athlete

March 13, 2019

To sophomore, Amanda Garbiso, being a Centennial Bulldog is an important family tradition that sparked the inspiration for Amanda to be apart of the many clubs she has become a member of at Centennial. To Amanda, it is important to join as many extracurriculars as possible because the feeling of being able to say that you are apart of some of the best programs in the city makes the experience so much memorable. In addition, she believes being apart of them gets you involved in the school spirit that comes along with being a dedicated member of said extracurriculars. When asked about some of her favorite clubs, Amanda was passionate in her response stating, “Dance Team. I have danced for 14 years. Not only at Sarah Shaw but now at Centennial for two years. It is such an amazing program as it allows you to be involved in every event. You truly get an experience like not other, it is so different from sitting in the stands.” Amanda has been apart of Dance Team since Freshman year, starting on JV but successfully making the Varsity team for the 2018-19 school year.

Amanda was inspired to join dance team not only by her love for dance, but also because her sister, a Centennial alumni, was on the varsity dance team all four years that she attended Centennial. Watching how confident her sister grew and seeing the smile spread across her face after they performed bell and many other games was a big influence to her desire to be on the team as well. “Knowing how it truly is the best dance team in town and how passionate everyone working with it is made my heart race. It is such a dream being apart of the team and having the privilege wearing the uniforms.” says Amanda. Being apart of a team such as dance comes with making very valuable memories. One of Amanda’s favorite memories of this year have been growing close to the coach as well as her group of friends. Furthermore her favorite part of the dance season was of course the Bell Game. “It was such a rush seeing the massive crowd and hearing from the sidelines ‘BELL RINGS RED ONCE AGAIN’. Nothing beats running on the field after such a victorious game.” stated Amanda.

Although she speaks very highly of it, dance team isn’t the only sport Amanda does. She is also an active member of track and plays a part in Deca. When Amanda runs, you can see the determination in her face, she mentioned how great the feeling of being able to say she ran the 4×2 saturday while also mentioning the rush you get knowing that you have one of the best coaches and such good athletes right beside you. Deca is a relatively popular class at Centennial and I personally have never heard anything bad about the program. “PETRICK IS AWESOME. There is not one that could say they don’t love deca. It is so memorable being a state qualifier and going to state learning thing more to better your business career.” This program is truly a amazing experience and has impacted Amanda a lot.

Of course being an athlete at Centennial means keeping up with grades and homework in order to have grades proficient enough to participate. Amanda find this a very important part of her day, but neither her (nor her mom) knows how she balances it so well. “Academics is always a priority. To do good out on the floor or out on the track I need to be doing good in my classes. Finding the time whether it’s 12 am or right after school is the biggest part. I usually do the 12 am homework session but knowing that grades need to be first is what sets me up for success.” says Amanda. While on the topic she mentioned how deca is her favorite class because Petrick is a funny guy and she really enjoys the material, which sometimes includes watching Shark Tank or drawing silly things on her notes to make Petrick smile.

Of course, we all have a class that is the most stressful, and for Amanda that is definitely chemistry. “It’s very hard to juggle taking all honors classes, medical classes, and chem. I can’t wait for it to be over.” With spring break on its way, Amanda is ready for this break from chemistry and overall the stress this semester has brought onto students. Although school takes up a majority of Amanda’s time, she manages to squeeze in days where she hangs out with her friends, but she also enjoys fighting with her dog. For the rest of the year Amanda looks forward to ending the year with her friends and having plans for the summer. School wise she is looking forward to being done with Chemistry and trying out once more for the dance team.


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