Seth Nunez Reflects On High School, Baseball, and Moving Forward

April 1, 2019

How do you prepare to leave everything behind after high school? As hard as it is, senior Seth Nunez just tries to take it all in as it goes. With high school coming to an end along with his high school baseball career, Seth has made many memories that he’ll never forget, and he’s also leaving an impact and influence on the Centennial High School Baseball program.

Even though both of his parents went to East High, he and his two brothers came to Centennial. As the youngest Nunez, he doesn’t feel the pressure of trying to be like his brothers who have also left their mark on Centennial. Both of his brothers were also baseball players and they currently help coach the Centennial Baseball Team, with one also being a current history teacher here at Centennial. “I’m not one to lean on what my brothers did. I wanted to come in here and do my own thing,” noted Seth. He came to high school doing exactly that, being a part of the Centennial Basketball Team for two years, and also having the important job of being the student section leader at Centennial sporting events. “As an underclassmen I didn’t really go to school sporting events, so this brought new opportunities and was something I never really thought I’d do.”  If you ever went to an event, it was impossible to miss Seth holding the Centennialight Spirit Stick, one that he also made from scratch. “It was definitely really cool and I’m glad I got to experience it before high school is over.”

Seth has been looking forward to his senior baseball season since freshman year explaining, “We have a tough team, and we knew that we would be tough this year…we want to meet those expectations and win.”  They’ve always had the goal of winning league and getting to the playoffs, but that was unattainable with the boys going 3-16 Seth’s junior season. This year, however, the Bulldogs have proven they’re a brand new team and they’re on the road to reach that goal they’ve set for many seasons after already holding a record of 7-4 after 11 games.

Letting go of baseball is what’s going to be the hard part for Seth as it’s always been an escape for him when things get tough. “When my Grandpa passed away, baseball was something that I was able to lean on. He loved baseball and this being the last sport I’m playing, it’s going to be hard to let go. The time will come though and I realize that.” The Centennial first baseman also just has a pevelant love for the game as he’s been playing since he was 3, and it’s brought unexplainable joy to his life since then.

Reflecting on high school memories, Seth noted that this senior year has been his favorite part, particularly the Bell Game. As for regrets or anything he would change about his high school experience, Seth doesn’t have any and he wouldn’t change a thing. “I like all the choices I made throughout high school, some weren’t the best but I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Seth plans on attending college to study K-12 Physical Education while also working and helping coach high school baseball. Seth Nunez has left his mark on Centennial, especially the Baseball team without him even realizing it. Players will come in hoping to carry on where he left off on the field, and students will try their hardest to lead the way Seth did not only the field, but also in school spirit.


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