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2018-2019 Staff

Ashley Higginbotham

Student Life & Culture

Many people assume her to be smart and mature, though, Ashley Maya Tsukada Higginbotham is still a baby Asian. Ashley loves basketball and her karate skills will smack you in the face if you ever happen to decide to fight her (d...

Seth Nunez

Sports Staff

Seth Nunez is a huge sports enthusiast. He enjoys any type of sports (baseball mostly), he also enjoys 2 AM Adolfos trips after a Saturday with the boys.  Seth is well known for his sarcastic remarks but is little known for his...

Tiffany Clement

Sports Staff

Tiffany Perea, a true blonde, you can either find her on the court playing volleyball or in the fridge looking for food. A senior here at Centennial, and 18-years old, Tiffany is a very outgoing person with a passion for photo...

Kinley Carter

Sports Staff

Kinley Carter is known for her blunt personality and being honest even when you don’t want her to be. Soccer is all she does in her free time and you can catch her playing it every chance she gets. She doesn’t care what a...

Ivory Martinez

Sports Staff

Ivory Martinez, a 4’11 friendly soul, enjoys playing soccer, sleeping, and eating at Mcallister’s Deli on the reg. Don’t let her height fool you though, she’s got a 6’1 personality.

Isabel Belarde

Sports Staff

Isabel is an advanced procrastinator with a special talent of being able to fall asleep anytime, anywhere. She is known for her unusual long eyelashes, and love for Spongebob Squarepants. With a strong hatred of reading, the o...

Ashlyn Denzler

Sports Staff

Ashlyn Denzler is shy, but you’ll catch the creative side of her in the stories she writes. Outside of school, you can catch Ashlyn either dancing or petting a dog. She’s terrified of planes, and really anything that has to...

Jillian Kelly

Sports Staff

Jill Kell is no average joe. You can recognize her from anywhere with her overly muscular legs and relentless curly hair. However, she’s mostly known for her dance moves on and off the court. She’s constantly busy with vo...

Simran Chowdhari

News Staff

Simran is an author and artist who loves cats and all things spooky. Her personality is comprised of memes and a love for music, as you do, and her favorite subject is creative writing. This girl thrives in autumn and enjoys cu...

Nessa Ponce

News Staff

Nessa ponce is a senior at Centennial high school. She is friendly and outgoing. She enjoys hanging out with friends, reading, and trying new things. She loves every style of music and enjoys playing the guitar. She is a huge fan o...

Keyla Mendoza

News Staff

Keyla is a friendly and outgoing girl, enjoys being around friends, family, and animals. Loves to spend time with her cheer team. Loves to watch horror movies like The Halloweens movies, The Shining and The Purge movies. Very frie...

Jaelyn Hawken

News Staff

Jaelyn, a shy and quiet girl when you first meet her, but once you get to know her she is very outgoing and is extremely sarcastic. She loves to listen to music and watch films, like Crybaby, Heathers, Edward Scissorhands, etc. The l...

Chloe Chigro

News Staff

Chloe Chigro is a vocal character in the community, and she loves reading, singing, playing the ukulele, playing with her cats, and watching TV. She loves anything and everything horror, and she hopes to be either a psychologi...

Benjamin Christoferson

News Staff

Ben Christoferson is a normal guy. He likes to write and produce videos. One day he wandered into class and decided to become a part of the team. Nobody knows where he came from or what his true intentions are, but one thing i...

Jenna Herrera

News Staff

Jenna, this pop-punk loving gal, is the definition of man on the moon. This walking contradiction is known for her yellow personality that could change the way you think instantly. Her love for art and music makes her who she...

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