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Mia Gilbertson
If you’ve seen her in class, you’d conclude that she is quiet and that’s about it. If you’ve seen her in the halls, you’d think her earbuds were permanently seared to her ears (that or double knotted around her brain like shoelaces) because she listens to music as if she were getting paid (she wishes). If this is true, you would be wrong. Mia Gilbertson is actually quite loud and obnoxious. Although, she uses as few words as possible because she fears her voice transmitter that translates her alien language will falter. Yes Mia is an alien. As for the earbud like devices, they are of Gallifreyan technology and allow her to hear your thoughts; just a heads up. How did she get here? There was an accident, and unfortunately, she lost her space octopus. R.I.P Cthulhu. Anyways, she crash landed in mexico, but escaped to the United States, making her an illegal immigrant, meaning...she is illegal. But no worries; Mia spends her free time negotiating with some men in black, trying to get her ship back. Once she succeeds, she plans to leave planet Earth and resume her quest in hunting down the last of the Xenomorphs.

Mia Gilbertson, News Staff

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